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Our Story


Cultivating Wellness FROM HER ASIAN ROOTS

The name Savanh means “Heaven” in the Thai & Lao language. Sysamone, our founder chose this name to honor her father’s transition to Heaven. He was a big part of her journey into the world of Cannabis. Her father was a cultivator and her mother she deems, the original creator of infused soup broths. Her mother used to put the flower in their family's pho broth. Both her parents ensured her passion for the plant was rooted in genuine love for its healing powers and their Lao cultural practices. They instilled a desire in her to evolve Asian healing traditions for a modern era through the plant.

Savanh is a homage to Sysamone’s family legacy and their relationship with the plant. It celebrates the journey Sysamone chose; to enlighten and educate the communities around her about alternative ways to consume cannabinoids for our wellness routines. 

With Savanh, she is blending her love for her family, their culture’s herbal healing practices, and her love for the plant, to help others heal their mind, body, heart & spirit.

our team

Our team believes in the power of plant medicine, natural ingredients, and science working together to create better alternative potent options for our underserved communities wellness needs.

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